Is Your Thermographer Certified and Experienced?

 Is your thermographer Certified? How long has he/she been actively utilizing Infrared Thermal Imaging technology? What conditions are ideal in order for us to detect thermal anomalies? These are questions prospective clients should be asking a thermographer when inquiring about thermal imaging services.
 Simply purchasing an expensive thermal imaging camera, plastering logos on a website and offering professional thermographer services does not qualify anyone to interpret what a $10,000 infrared thermal imaging camera is displaying on its screen.
 Quality infrared imaging services can only be delivered by someone who is trained and experienced. Our thermographer at Chicago Infrared Thermal Imaging has over 6 years experience behind a thermal imaging camera and is trained and certified by The Infraspection Institute as a Level III Thermographer and by ITC as a Building Science Thermographer.
  All inspections are performed in accordance with ASTM, Infraspection Institute, NEMA, ANSI, IETA and related industry standards.
Here are links to the 3 major Infrared Training and Certification providers for the United States and throughout the world:
The Snell Group 
Infraspection Institute

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