Other Infrared Inspection Applications

What can be inspected utilizing infrared technology?

Marine Inspections
Thermal Infrared Technology is often used to inspect composite vessels. The inspection shows a multitude of characteristics associated with moisture ingress, delamination, dis-bonding, fractures and many other things relative to the construction of the vessel.

Cold Storage and Freezer Units
Freezer and cold storage unit insulation degrades as much as 5% per year according to recent studies. An infrared thermographic inspection of the exterior walls and ceiling/roof are conducted from the interior and exterior, where possible, of the refrigerator/freezer envelopes. The purpose of this inspection is to document heat loss/gain, as well as other thermal anomalies in the envelope that might be associated with excessive moisture and/or air infiltration in the walls and ceiling of the enclosure.

Block Wall Inspections
CMU walls often have rebar and grout-filled cells as a structural component. By allowing the wall to absorb energy during the day and observing the heat energy dissipate after sunset, infrared thermal imaging can help define the grouted cells are and where they are missing.

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