Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Services
Chicago Infrared utilizes Ultrasound technology to complement our infrared services. It can be used to locate gas/air leaks, faulty steam traps, electrical emissions and mechanical faults. It is cost effective and capable of detecting problems which may be missed by infrared thermography alone.

Ultrasound Technology
Airborne/structure borne ultrasound instruments receive high frequency emissions produced by operating equipment, electrical emissions and by leaks. These frequencies typically range from 20 kHz to 100 kHz and are beyond the range of human hearing. The instruments electronically translate ultrasound frequencies through a process called heterodyning, down into the audible range where they are heard through headphones and observed as intensity and or dB levels on a display panel.

Ultrasound inspection offers a unique position for condition monitoring as both a “stand-alone” inspection technology and as an effective screening tool that can speed up the inspection process and help inspectors determine effective follow-up actions for mechanical, electrical and leak applications.



Leak Detection:
Leaks can form practically anywhere in a plant. This includes pressurized systems and systems under a vacuum. Leaks can occur internally through valves and steam traps, compressed air systems, in heat exchanger and condenser tubes or to atmosphere.

Electric emissions
Ultrasound inspection works on all voltages, low, medium and high to detect arcing, tracking and corona in both enclosed and open access equipment. Arcing, tracking and corona ionize the air molecules around them, which produces ultrasound.

Condition Based Lubrication
Ultrasound is sensitive to friction and for this reason it is effective in identifying lack of lubrication and also preventing over lubrication.








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