Savings and Loss Prevention With Infrared Thermal Inspections

Below are  papers documenting electrical events where Infrared Thermal Imaging helped prevent catastrophic failure.

Insurance companies have traditionally focused on controlling the impact of property losses by using fire protection systems to minimize the amount of a loss if it happens. But rarely do insurance companies offer a service that actually PREVENTS losses and saves its clients money. CNA is that rare company and developed an infrared thermography service to help our clients actually prevent losses from occurring. This paper is an update of a similar paper presented at the InfraMation 2006 conference in Las Vegas NV.
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On Tuesday, November 10, 1998, personnel from the Component Engineering Department and CSI Services conducted a self-assessment of Seabrook Station's Infrared Thermography Program. While performing the self-assessment, a high temperature on the Generator Step-Up Transformer (GSU) was discovered. Click Here to read the entire report.

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