Commercial Building Inspections

 Whether you're purchasing or leasing a Commercial Property in Chicago or Chattanooga, Quebec or Phoenix, we can put you in touch with a qualified Commercial Building Inspection provider. We are a member of The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors, a network of qualified Commercial Building Inspectors located throughout the United States and Canada. 
 Commercial Inspections are also referred to as Property Condition Asessments, Property Condition Reports, Physical Needs Asessments, and
Walk Through Surveys, by the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM). Facilities such as retail space , office space, restaurants, light industrial, multi-family units, apartments, hotels, motels, senior housing, casino’s, and other special purposes buildings are considered commercial units. A commercial inspection is designed to be in accordance with the ASTM E2018 professional standard.
 The inspection includes the key components of the building: roof, attic, exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, restrooms, floors, foundation, crawl space, basements, heating and air conditioning systems, and parking areas.
Specialty equipment such as: refrigeration units, coolers, commercial ovens, storage tanks, and special use industrial equipment are not included in the Walk Through Survey. However, upon request we will coordinate our inspection with other area professionals who perform these type of specialized inspections.
  The objective of an inspection
is to provide written communication describing the issues discovered from observations made and research conducted by the inspector and that, in the inspector's opinion, are likely to be of interest to his/her client and to enhance the client's information and knowledge about the commercial property to improve decision-making for buying, selling, maintaining, or improving the property.

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