Electrical Infrared Inspections

Electrical Inspections

Since most problems on an electrical system are preceded by a change in its thermal characteristics and temperature, whether hotter or cooler, a properly trained (minimum Level II Certified Thermographer) is able to identify and analyze these problems prior to costly failure occuring.
For plant and commercial electrical systems, infrared thermography provides the most cost-effective method for power distribution system condition assessment and preventive maintenance inspection. Infrared electrical equipment surveys are so effective that some insurance companies will provide discounted fire insurance rates for facilities employing the technology on a scheduled basis.

Chicago Infrared Thermal Electrical Inspections

The number one application for infrared thermography globally, is electrical inspections.  Virtually every industry, process, building, or facility in the industrialized world requires electrical energy to operate. All electrical maintenance personnel know as soon as new electrical components are installed they begin to deteriorate. With fluctuating and continual loads, vibration, fatigue, and age will lead to catastrophic failures, unplanned shutdowns and losses of production.

Infrared Condition Monitoring of Electrical Systems

When considering remote diagnostic testing of electrical equipment, infrared thermography is regarded as the most powerful of all diagnostic tools currently available. The list of equipment to inspect is enormous since virtually every component from the generating facility to medium and low voltage components can and should be inspected with an infrared camera.

Chicago Infrared Electrical Scans
It is very difficult to place a dollar value on the benefits realized from an infrared inspection program because the faults are found and repaired before failure. However, the investment in an electrical inspection can be paid back from the discovery of one major electrical fault.

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