Mechanical Applications

Infrared thermography is a powerful inspection method to assist in the reduction of maintenance costs on mechanical equipment and is therefore a critical factor in the operational reliability of industrial or commercial facilities.

All electrical and mechanical equipment have an allowable operating temperature limit. Infrared thermography allows for the remote monitoring of temperature patterns while the equipment is online and operational. Unlike many other test methods, infrared can be used on a wide variety of equipment including electrical systems, pumps, motors, bearings, and most process equipment. One of the major troubles in mechanical systems is excessive temperature.
Chicago Infrared Mechanical Thermal Imaging

Mechanical Equipment Inspections

If this were a perfect world all of the electrical energy supplied to a machine would result in 100% conversion into work performed by the mechanical equipment. We know this in not the case! A certain amount of energy is converted to thermal energy by friction or resistance from the mechanical load, thereby increasing the temperature of the machine. All mechanical systems generate thermal energy during normal operation that allows infrared thermography to evaluate their normal operating condition. As mechanical equipment begins to fail there will be a change in the normal thermal signature. There are many causes of increasing temperatures in mechanical systems such as friction, cooling degradation, material loss or blockages can all generate high levels of thermal energy. Friction for example, can be caused by wear, overload, misalignment, over or under lubrication and misuse.

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